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Our mission is to first empower people by introducing them to their Father God. We will proclaim the reality of God through Spirit-anointed worship.



Our mission is to proclaim the reality of God through anointed and empowering teaching. This will equip the people to walk in grace through the teaching of the Word of Faith. This will also equip people to shine as beacons in the secular world through excellence, integrity and honesty of character.


Our mission is to empower people through intimacy with the Holy Spirit. We believe that the realization of the vision of KarisChapel requires direct and sustained intervention of the Lord. It will then be our joyful privilege to interact with Him in prayer. As a Church we will encourage private prayer as a spiritual discipline; we will give prayer a prominent place in public worship.


Our mission is to empower people to discover and develop their God-given gifts and callings that will make them a blessing to their generation. God has a plan for each of us. We must discover His purpose by identifying and mobilising people to serve in God's kingdom.


reach outOutreach

Our mission is to create power in people through outreach and evangelism. We must do this by serving and meeting the social needs of our communities and by also communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of London employing contemporary and non-traditional methods.

get togetherFellowship

Our mission is to empower people through fellowship with other believers. God-encountering fellowship will help people grow in grace, faith and love. KarisChapel seeks to provide a Church home where people of all races, social backgrounds and vocations can be a part of the family.



Our mission is to empower people who are hurt and depressed to find acceptance, forgiveness, healing, encouragement, love and restoration of dashed hopes. KarisChapel is committed to introducing this category of people to the inexhaustible Grace of God.

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