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KarisChapel will be a place of the WORD

KarisChapel is church that is built on the Word of Faith as its foundation. The integrity and the infallibility of God's Word will be constantly stressed. Personal discipline of growing on the Word will be strongly emphasised. Operating in the realm of the miraculous through the Word will be taught as a lifestyle.

KarisChapel will always be growing

Every year KarisChapel intends to grow in a geometrical pattern by evangelism and ministry. This produces healthy Christians. We will be in the business of making disciples.

KarisChapel will be outwardly focused

We will touch our community through outreach. KarisChapel will provide homeless shelters, give food to the poor, build and sustain orphan facilities and youth homes, and provide our local community with beneficial services.

KarisChapel will be heavily committed to the youth

At KarisChapel , we believe that the seed of the future has been planted in the youth of today. KarisChapel therefore believes that the church should not be a place where the youth find boring and irrelevant. Hence, KarisChapel will develop non-traditional, informal and ‘less threatening' means of reaching the youth with the Gospel and also help them to grow in the knowledge of God.

KarisChapel will be committed to ‘Soul and Body' as well

At KarisChapel , we will be committed to the development of the total man; Sprirt, Soul and Body. In addition to our primary role of spiritual development, KarisChapel will commit time and resources to promote the mental, physical, social and financial development of her members. We believe that this will ensure that our members gain and maintain their relevance in the secular society.

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